entry 2/13/17

I felt a euphoric glow throughout my body yesterday as I enjoyed the un-seaseasonal 73 degree weather. To be outside, to feel the energy of the world, I could feel it diffusing into me. I want to love, I want to spread my love, I want to be a symbol of peace, I want to love you, and deep down I want you to love me.


You made me

feel real

and with your

skin pressed


against mine,

there was no


I knew I was

there. And as

I run my hands

along my own

flesh, I’m left

wondering why

it doesn’t feel

the same.

Left wondering

if it is you

that makes

me feel real,

or me that

makes me feel


I feel good

As I sit here and look at this painting I’ve been working on, I long to weave more colors into it. But I like what I see, and I feel this tremendous release of energy, sometimes i find myself amazed at the things I create, things that existed inside of me that I didn’t even know about