All I want to do is get to know the beautiful people all around me. The people that I used to be too afraid to approach. I want to float away, closer and closer to the clouds. Come with me. Talk to me. Love me. Hug Me.


She watched him play

with a thread

in-between his


twirling and twirling.

As she stared

she couldn’t tell

if it was him spinning

the thread,

or the thread spinning


She imagined the

loose sweater thread


and twisting up his arm,

back on to him.

And who else

would be able

to tell the

sweater was

actually wearing him?

entry 2/13/17

I felt a euphoric glow throughout my body yesterday as I enjoyed the un-seaseasonal 73 degree weather. To be outside, to feel the energy of the world, I could feel it diffusing into me. I want to love, I want to spread my love, I want to be a symbol of peace, I want to love you, and deep down I want you to love me.