entry 2/13/17

I felt a euphoric glow throughout my body yesterday as I enjoyed the un-seaseasonal 73 degree weather. To be outside, to feel the energy of the world, I could feel it diffusing into me. I want to love, I want to spread my love, I want to be a symbol of peace, I want to love you, and deep down I want you to love me.

I feel good

As I sit here and look at this painting I’ve been working on, I long to weave more colors into it. But I like what I see, and I feel this tremendous release of energy, sometimes i find myself amazed at the things I create, things that existed inside of me that I didn’t even know about


Good Morning


I woke up today to a fluttering orange glow. And I wished it would fill me up like a glass of OJ. How can I grow as a person, as an artist? I feel restless, constantly covering over my own art, afraid of the vulnerable first layers. I’m on a quest for self-love, and I know that one day I will have the fiery strength of orange. What did you wake up to?

A New Start

I feel a freshness in the air. I am ready to start a new. Im ready to reach inside me and show it to you. I long for this blog to become a space where I feel free to share. I long to share my art, my life and my love with you. And I hope that in this space you too will feel free to share.

Hello, My name is Sara! And I am art.